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Last Mile Delivery to Your Home

May 23, 2011 Leave a comment

ManLast Mile Home Deliveryy products ordered online need to be physically delivered to the consumers. The home delivery logistics in e-commerce, as it is so-called ‘the last mile’ of online shopping, has been one of the key factors leading to failures of pioneering dot coms, and is becoming a great challenge facing many eTailers. The convenience and time saving benefits of online shopping may not be realized due to the inefficiency or failure of the last mile delivery service.

Whether your business is focused on new product development, just in time shipping, or just providing the perfect product in your industry, then you need a partner to get your products to your customers.  Your customer has just made a significant investment in your product and is eagerly anticipating its delivery.  These customers expect to have the product delivered in a timely manner and in the condition that you promised them.   That is why the last mile delivery service that you choose must be not only affordable but also reliable.  The delivery service should be uniformed and offer quality support services ensure that your company’s last-mile experience flows smoothly and seamlessly from beginning to end.

D Is For Decade: 3PD Turns 10

April 25, 2011 Leave a comment

ATLANTA, Georgia — 3PD, one of the country’s largest last-mile logistics providers, celebrates a milestone anniversary today. “Ten years ago, we started this company with two trucks and a lot of ambition,” said 3PD founders Karl Meyer and Randy Meyer in a joint statement. “Today, we’re proud to celebrate our first full decade of operation — and to thank the team of talented employees and contractors who have worked so hard to help put us on the map.”

Launched in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2001, 3PD quickly grew from a small, local operation to a $250 million company with approximately 650 employees, 1,700 contract carriers and nearly 500 locations throughout the United States and Canada. In 2006, it became one of the last-mile industry’s first truly national providers when it merged with GTS, another leading last-mile company. And in 2007, it solidified that position with the acquisition of Affinity Logistics.

It now makes nearly 3.5 million deliveries per year and delivers a wide variety of value-adding services for an extensive client list of market-leading retailers and manufacturers. The company has been named an Inbound Logistics Top 100 3PL, a Transport Topics Top 100 Carrier For Hire, one of Commercial Carrier Journal’s Top 250 Carriers, a Transport Topics Top 100 3PL, one of Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies’ Top 100 Supply Chain Partners and Atlanta’s Logistics Company Of The Year. In addition it has received numerous service awards from clients.

“As we approach the intersection between one decade and the next, we are very happy with where we find ourselves as a company,” said the Meyers. “We strongly believe that we have successfully delivered on our dream to become one of the first — and most reliable — national last-mile delivery companies. We have an exceptionally strong team and network in place. And we’re looking forward to providing even more strategic and successful industry innovation in the years to come.”

For further information, please contact: Lori Lockman, 678.581.8421,

Keep Your Customers Happy and Your Sales Up

February 10, 2011 Leave a comment

What do your customers want?

They want the products they order to be delivered to them by the time they hit the return button on their keyboards. This may be an impossible task with our current distribution and delivery systems, however, shorter time frames between when customers place an online order and when they receive their products is becoming an increasing expectation. Customers today are always on the go and have little time to wait for the products they order. One way to lose your customers is to disappoint them repeatedly with orders arriving late.

How to give your customers what they want?

One strategy for retailers is to provide free delivery to customers that order a minimum purchase amount. The retailer gives the customer an extended delivery date, as compared to normal delivery, and they employee the use of a last mile delivery service to get the product to the customer earlier than the quoted date. This strategy delivers a perception of high quality and adds value to the order for the customer.

Last Mile Delivery | The Future of Business

February 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Last Mile Delivery The Need Was Born

During the 1999 holiday season: stores faced shortages of popular goods, overstock of undesirable merchandise, and an inability to get the right items to the right customers on time.

This shows the importance of capacity planning to a company’s branding. A brand, which can be defined as a promise delivered, can easily be destroyed by not delivering products on time or not having the merchandise that your customers want when they want them.  Last mile delivery helps products get delivered where they need to be on time and with lower cost than traditional delivery.

Last Mile Delivery And The Future

Every major company faces a growing need to evolve operating strategies to harvest the enormous value potential sown by the Internet. Only those that don’t want to remain in business will ignore the strategic implications of last mile logistics operations. In the future e-tailers may push more toward offering same-day home delivery, in order to push themselves above their competition and gain more market share.

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Logistics: How do I get It There?

January 12, 2011 Leave a comment

You finally did it. You came up with the greatest product on earth. Being the savvy business owner that you are, you went out and hand-picked the greatest marketing team ever assembled. In fact, your product solves so many of man kinds problems that Oprah even found time to mention it on her show. Now the orders are rolling in and we have a little problem. Your current delivery system just will not support your growth. So how do you get your products to the customers that demand them? Logistics; more specifically, “Last-Mile Focus”.

Long distance transportation tends to be serviced by high capacity modes such as container ships and trains. They operate on a system of economies of scale, unfortunately, as the product gets closer to the customer economies of scale decrease due to smaller batch sizes. The last-mile usually consist of truck deliveries, with less than a full load, taking place over short distances, in congested urban settings.

Many companies turn to 3rd party vendors such as 3PD to make sure their packages get to the final customer. These companies provide last mile delivery solutions for businesses. Offering services such as home delivery, business to business delivery, job site delivery and customized logistics services. Usually, these 3rd party vendors can provide a better value to businesses than expanding ones current delivery force. They concentrate on handling one aspect, the aspect of logistics, therefore they become extremely efficient at getting things delivered on time and to the right place.

Logistics with a Last-Mile Focus

December 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Is your company looking to change their logistics after the holidays or during the new year? Are you in need of an excellent logistics solution that your company may not already provide? Perhaps you have purchased something for your home but have no way to get it there. What do you do?

You are in need of a third-party logistics company that truly has it together. 3PD, a third-party logistics company, is your answer as we focus on last-mile delivery. Aside from the nearly 5 million business and job site deliveries made every year, 3PD is concerned with the customer and conducting good business in a professional manner. 3PD provides delivery to job sites, business-to-business delivery and home delivery. 3PD can handle it all – building products, appliances, furniture, cabinetry, fitness equipment, general merchandise, electronics, office supplies, automotive parts, medial supplies and MUCH more! Aside from the array of products 3PD handles, we also ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Perhaps your company needs to outsource logistics versus having an in-house logistics department. After all, it makes sense as you will have less to worry about and save you money all at the same time! Maybe your business has a logistics department but needs a higher level of strategic attention. Whatever the case may be, 3PD is committed in providing many different services including network optimization, business process re-engineering, freight management, site selection, resource engineering and facility design.

The end of the year is approaching and that usually means it is almost time to start fresh! With logistics being such a critical industry in this day and age, why not focus on it with the assistance of 3PD? Let 3PD help ring in the new year with new and improved logistics!

For more information about logistics services, please contact 3PD.

Last Mile Delivery for the Holidays

December 17, 2010 Leave a comment

The holidays can be chaotic, crazy but also joyous and wonderful. So how can you eliminate any stress and mayhem and avoid any mishaps from occurring during the holiday season? Many people are ordering online and having merchandise delivered to their homes from a store, especially items that may be too large to haul yourself. In order to do this properly, you need a third-party logistics company you can depend on and trust.

3PD makes nearly 5 million residential, business and job site deliveries every year. 3PD is also one of the only last-mile providers around. Why trust your merchandise in the hands of others when 3PD is in 500 different locations throughout the United States and Canada?

When trying to have something delivered, particularly during the holidays, it can be extremely stressful. You keep thinking about the “what ifs”. “What if it my new television is not delivered in time?”, “What if my brand new couch has marks all over it?”, “What if my new entertainment center gets banged up in the delivery truck?”. No need to worry, 3PD has you covered. 3PD not only offers business-to-business delivery but business-to-home delivery and job site delivery as well.

3PD also provides White Glove Delivery Service which is another plus. What is White Glove Delivery? It is 3PD’s promise to get your merchandise from the distribution center to your home practically untouched. We provide blanket-wrapped delivery, furniture touch-up, placement in customer’s room of choice, removal of all merchandise, removal of debris, set-up, complex assembly and installation, product training and reverse logistics. If you are seeking a business to get your merchandise from the DC to your home, job site or business, why go anywhere else when 3PD can be your one-stop shop?

The holiday time is chaotic enough. Let 3PD get your merchandise to your home on time! Logistics have become some an important area of business over the last several years and it is 3PD’s pleasure to ensure that you are receiving the best service possible.

3PD is wishing you a happy and stress-free holiday season!

The Holidays Are Here, Logistics to the Rescue!

December 2, 2010 Leave a comment

The holidays can be a very exciting and magical time of year. However, it can also be stressful for those who are purchasing gifts for themselves and for others. When ordering merchandise and planning to have it delivered, reminds people how stressful this time of year can be. As a customer, you constantly have to worry that everything is going to arrive on time, correctly and without any damage. Unfortunately, this is hard to oversee as many retailers are flooding with orders and trying to keep everyone happy and satisfied.

This time of year is a reminder of why a third-party logistics company is so important. A third party-logistics company, such as 3PD, offers business-to-business, business-to-home and job site delivery. Using a third-party logistics company will only benefit you and make your holidays a little less stressful. Logistics is 3PD’s specialty and ensuring that your gifts and merchandise purchased get to you in a efficient and safe way. 3PD focuses on last-mile delivery and provides exceptional white glove delivery service to ensure that your items are handled with the utmost care. Worried about the large 60″ television you just purchased for your husband and getting it to him practically untouched? With the significant amount of wrapping, use of white gloves and assembly and installation provided, what more could you possibly ask for this holiday season?

To prepare yourself for shopping this holiday season, be sure you:

1. Research and Prepare. Write a list of what you need to buy and who you need to buy for. Within these points, make sure you add where to purchase the gifts from to assist in narrowing down your search. Research online, call stores and shop around.

2. The Early Bird Gets the Worm. Shopping early is key during the holiday season. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to purchase and order gifts. Be sure to find out shipping cut offs, shipping dates and the return and exchange policy that each store provides.

3. Know Your Dates. Get familiar with the busiest shipping days during the holiday so that you can plan accordingly. During the 2010/2011 year, December 13-17 is expected to be the most chaotic.

As long as you prepare for holiday shopping and shipping, you will be in good hands. For more information on third-party logistics and delivery services, please contact 3PD.

What Should Your 3PL Company Do For You?

November 26, 2010 Leave a comment

As the term “3PL” or “third-party logistics” has grown almost instantaneously over the last decade, it has become even more important in the day-to-day functions of many businesses. Outsourcing your company’s logistics can assist in helping everything run smoother and ultimately, cut costs. But when seeking a third-party logistics company, it is important to weigh out all of your options. You must ask yourself, “what is it that I am really looking for in a 3PL company?”.

1. Can the third-party logistics company handle your business’ needs?
Is your company very large? Can the 3PL company handle the growth and expansion of your business? Will the company be able to accommodate your future needs and wants? Is there a certain service you are seeking that not all 3PL companies can offer?

2. What kind of technology do they provide?
Technology advances every single day and having the best technology available to you will only benefit your company. What kind of technology does the 3PL company provide? Do they offer customization depending on what the needs and wants of your business is? Perhaps your supply chain needs a higher level of strategic attention and can the third-party logistics company handle this?

3. Can the third-party logistics company provide you with clear communication?
Within the logistics industry, communication plays a large role. It is important when hiring a third-party logistics company that they can communicate properly to you, the business they are serving, as well as the customer. You want your 3PL company to provide you with information regarding shipping such as what is coming in, when is it coming in and how much of it is coming in.

4. Do they offer an array of other services?
Where as other services may not necessarily matter to you or your business, it is still helpful to know that if you need another type of service, the 3PL company you are using can provide it. Does the 3PL company offer white glove delivery? Does the company provide business-to-home delivery, business-to-business delivery, job site delivery or perhaps all of the above? It is vital to be aware of all of the services the third-party logistics company has to offer prior to conducting business with them.

5. How has the 3PL company serviced others?
Definitely do your research before working with a third-party logistics company. Read reviews, testimonials and view the company’s website. Be aware of all of the services they provide and see what others have to say about their experience with the company. Is the 3PL company active in the community? Do they have a company blog to keep people informed about their company and the logistics industry? It is important to become familiar with your prospective 3PL company to ensure your company is making the right business move.

Choosing a third-party logistics company can be quite stressful. Be sure that your business is conducting proper research and choosing the option that will most benefit the company as a whole.

Advantages of a Third-Party Logistics Company

November 18, 2010 2 comments

As logistics have become incredibly important over the last several years, what are the advantages of having a third-party logistics company versus an in-house logistics department?  By outsourcing your logistics, you are not only saving time but you are saving money as well!

By outsourcing your company’s logistics, you will:

  • Prevent delivery mishaps
  • Eliminate costly information systems and labor wages
  • Expand in new markets
  • Increase supply chain expertise
  • Provide your business and customers with quality supply chain management
  • Offer better web visibility tools for your customer

A third-party logistics company such as 3PD, can provide your business with the finest quality logistics around.  The software that 3PD has is superior to its competitors and can truly benefit your company.  3PD provides scanning, routing optimization, automated call-outs, exception alerts via web browser, e-mail, fax and phone, delivery point scanning, proof of delivery, management and analysis, electronic interface and product delivery visibility.  Outsourcing your business’ logistics will improve the performance of your business as well as moving it in the right direction.

Having a third-party logistics company can be beneficial because services can be customized and tailored to your individual needs.  Not to mention, having an in-house logistics department can be quite costly and can be difficult to maintain as technology is constantly changing.  3PD has the most cutting edge software and can actually take the time to provide you with exceptional service as this is our specialty.  Why worry about it or go anywhere else?  3PD is where your business should be.

3PD also provides business-to-business delivery, business-to-home delivery and job site delivery.  3PD also proudly offers “white glove” delivery services.  We truly focus on last-mile delivery and logistics.  See the 3PD difference.


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