3PD Gets Involved In The Community

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3pd Logistics3PD is proud to support the American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN), a humanitarian group created to coordinate the relief efforts of leading logistics and supply chain trade organizations (and their members) during times of crisis.

We believe strongly in ALAN’s mission to unite the supply chain community and serve as a primary point of contact for our industry when massive contributions of goods, services and logistics expertise are needed in disaster zones. And we are pleased to join the ranks of logistics providers who stand ready to help as needed.

Since its inception, ALAN has participated in numerous relief efforts. While earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, flooding and the like are obviously unwelcome, the many faces of ALAN help to bring comfort to crisis victims. Most recently, ALAN has worked with major humanitarian relief agencies to identify supply-chain-related relief needs to help victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Here are just a few of the ways in which ALAN is helping:

  •     Locating potential operations space for the American Red Cross during Hurricane Earl.
  •     Collaborating with the mid-Atlantic Regional Catastrophic Planning Grant Program to discuss the role of supply       chains in mass care.
  •     Working with the Bottled Water Association to coordinate donations of bottled water
  •     Connected DHL with Agencias Navieras B&R, S.A. who is helping them on the ground in Haiti.
  •     Helped Aidmatrix with vessel connections for Coke water and the Clinton Foundation
  •     Connected Feed the Children with a corporate jet for transporting medical supplies
  •     Reaching out to food companies, grocery chains and the GMA regarding need for rice

To learn more about this highly worthwhile cause, visit www.alanaid.org.

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Home Delivery Services | Increasing Your Profits

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Home Delivery Services | 3PD

Home Delivery Services for Your Products

Have you ever considered offering  home delivery services of your product to your customers?  By offering your customers the ability to order any of your products either online or over the phone and delivering it right to their door. Not only does this save your customer time, but it also gets you another sale. No matter how big or how small the product, a delivery service will allow you to serve more customers and make more money.

So How Do You Deliver It?
Two choices: deliver it yourself with a company vehicle or pay someone to do it.  The advantage of doing it your self is that if you pay an employee to deliver it in a company vehicle, you will also be advertising your firm.  This method is good from a brand control aspect as your employees should care more about the image your company portrays to the public – which would become an opportunity for a “free” public relations campaign.

By hiring someone to deliver your products you do not need to invest in the equipment to deliver your product, rather you just pay someone to do it. You can use a courier service, trucking company, airline, shipping company, or whatever is appropriate for your product.

Offering a delivery service can add value and increase profits for your business. Whether you offer a food service or special order merchandise, by serving more customers by offering delivery, not only will you increase customer awareness, but increase your sales as well.

Trucking Logistics

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3PD Trucking Logistics ServicesTrucking Logistics is a very important part of shipping which involves proper planning and research of trucking.  Trucks provide the transportation option through which goods are transported across states and sometimes across bordering states and nation. Almost every country depends on truck for the movement of it industrial and consumer goods.

Transportation, the process of conveying goods from one destination to another in the most effective and efficient way have become significantly necessary,  has become a big global industry with ever rising demand for movement of goods. The markets are full of hundreds of companies offering Trucking logistics services but you need to choose the one that is best for your business.  You want a trucking logistics service that offers great support and advice.  Trucking logistics services allow you to eliminate unnecessary cost and increase profitability by outsourcing.

Trucking logistics remains an important part of every nation’s economy providing mobility in the most efficient way, enabling proper and safe distribution of goods. There is today a lot of movement of goods by trucking companies from one end of the nation to the other. Trucking logistics provides supply-chain solutions and total global and domestic transportation solutions. As a result of several years of history, it now provides exceptional and massive network of transportation option to it numerous clients to meet supply-chain challenge.

Warehousing Solutions How they Affect Your Business

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Warehousing SolutionsWhen employing warehousing solutions we tend to think there is an emphasis on speed, as product flow is of great importance.  One of the key objectives is to move goods at great velocity along the chain. To do this, companies are looking beyond the four walls of the warehouse for stock holding, dispatching and receiving.

Warehouses also provide companies with opportunities to be greener. Warehouse design has been propelled to the forefront of a green movement. Green technology makes use of natural light and renewable energy. In addition, today’s warehouse is smaller and narrower, making better use of allocated space.

The warehouses of  today often offer additional customer services, such as customization and in some cases, even light manufacturing. Warehouse management is becoming a highly specialized field, and companies are increasingly looking at third party operators (3PLs) to own and manage warehousing operations.

Last Mile Delivery to Your Home

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ManLast Mile Home Deliveryy products ordered online need to be physically delivered to the consumers. The home delivery logistics in e-commerce, as it is so-called ‘the last mile’ of online shopping, has been one of the key factors leading to failures of pioneering dot coms, and is becoming a great challenge facing many eTailers. The convenience and time saving benefits of online shopping may not be realized due to the inefficiency or failure of the last mile delivery service.

Whether your business is focused on new product development, just in time shipping, or just providing the perfect product in your industry, then you need a partner to get your products to your customers.  Your customer has just made a significant investment in your product and is eagerly anticipating its delivery.  These customers expect to have the product delivered in a timely manner and in the condition that you promised them.   That is why the last mile delivery service that you choose must be not only affordable but also reliable.  The delivery service should be uniformed and offer quality support services ensure that your company’s last-mile experience flows smoothly and seamlessly from beginning to end.

Furniture Delivery Services | How Companies Operate

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Furniture Delivery ServicesGenerally, a furniture delivery company will have several different levels of exemplary service that they will offer you, depending upon the value and nature of your purchase.  Services can expand from white glove services transporting valuable antiques or simple everyday furniture being delivered to your office.

For a small business you want a furniture delivery company that will work for you no matter what the size of the order is.  You should expect your furniture to arrive undamaged and in good time. You should be given a time frame within which to expect your delivery: a good company will clearly stick to this time frame, or call ahead to let you know if there has been an unforeseen change of plan.

A furniture delivery company works much like a removals firm. Your furniture should be securely wrapped in professional quality packing blankets, and anchored to fixings inside the van with removals ties. Your furniture delivery company will pack its vans so that furniture is delivered in a logical order, thereby removing any danger that your purchase may be damaged either when trying to get out someone else’s item, or by trying to release your item from behind other pieces of furniture

As with all companies whose business involves safeguarding and transporting items from people’s homes, the key quality you are looking for in your delivery company is understanding.

D Is For Decade: 3PD Turns 10

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ATLANTA, Georgia — 3PD, one of the country’s largest last-mile logistics providers, celebrates a milestone anniversary today. “Ten years ago, we started this company with two trucks and a lot of ambition,” said 3PD founders Karl Meyer and Randy Meyer in a joint statement. “Today, we’re proud to celebrate our first full decade of operation — and to thank the team of talented employees and contractors who have worked so hard to help put us on the map.”

Launched in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2001, 3PD quickly grew from a small, local operation to a $250 million company with approximately 650 employees, 1,700 contract carriers and nearly 500 locations throughout the United States and Canada. In 2006, it became one of the last-mile industry’s first truly national providers when it merged with GTS, another leading last-mile company. And in 2007, it solidified that position with the acquisition of Affinity Logistics.

It now makes nearly 3.5 million deliveries per year and delivers a wide variety of value-adding services for an extensive client list of market-leading retailers and manufacturers. The company has been named an Inbound Logistics Top 100 3PL, a Transport Topics Top 100 Carrier For Hire, one of Commercial Carrier Journal’s Top 250 Carriers, a Transport Topics Top 100 3PL, one of Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies’ Top 100 Supply Chain Partners and Atlanta’s Logistics Company Of The Year. In addition it has received numerous service awards from clients.

“As we approach the intersection between one decade and the next, we are very happy with where we find ourselves as a company,” said the Meyers. “We strongly believe that we have successfully delivered on our dream to become one of the first — and most reliable — national last-mile delivery companies. We have an exceptionally strong team and network in place. And we’re looking forward to providing even more strategic and successful industry innovation in the years to come.”

For further information, please contact: Lori Lockman, 678.581.8421, llockman@bellsouth.net