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Third Party Logistics

October 26, 2010 Leave a comment

The term logistics has become a frequent term used over the last few decades.  But what exactly is logistics?  Logistics is the flow of goods and resources leaving one destination and entering another.  In a nutshell, logistics moves merchandise from the point of origin to the consumer.

Logistics involves communication between all parties involved, the warehouses which merchandise is being shipped to and from, tracking, transportation and/or freight, and packaging.  Many companies have logistic departments to ensure that items are being handled properly and getting to the destination in a timely manner.

There are however third-party logistic companies.  Many businesses that sell merchandise do not have a way of getting items to the consumer or another warehouse.  That is where a third-party logistics company will come in.  Many of these organizations will do business-to-business delivery and business-to-home delivery.

There is a term used in logistics called “white glove delivery service”.  White glove delivery service is when a third-party logistics company properly handles merchandise with care to ensure that it is making it to your business or home without any damage.  Just think, it’s football season and you have just purchased a brand new 60″ plasma television.  The company you have purchased this TV from does not deliver.  Even if you had a large enough vehicle to fit your purchase, do you really want to risk any damage from occurring?  This is where the third-party logistics company will come in with white glove delivery service.

3PD, which stands for Third-Party Delivery, specializes in white glove delivery service.  This third-party logistics company provides blanket-wrap delivery service, furniture touch-up, placement of the merchandise in a customers’ room, removal of old merchandise, removal of debris and set up, install and assemble complex items.  All of this is done with care and ensures that your merchandise is safe, secure, unharmed and practically untouched.

3PD offers other logistics services.  Interested in what they can do for you?  Be sure to visit for more information.


Large-Scale Presence. Last-Mile Focus.

October 18, 2010 Leave a comment

There are many reasons why 3PD is the heavy-duty market leader in third-party logistics (3PL) and last-mile delivery.

For one thing, we make nearly 5 million residential, business and job site deliveries every year — all with the help of more than 1,500 highly qualified, uniformed delivery teams.

For another, we’re one of the only last-mile providers with an extensive North American reach. Our presence in approximately 500 locations throughout the United States and Canada enables us to meet nearly every U.S. and Canadian delivery need you might have, all with award-winning service levels.

Finally — and perhaps most important of all — last mile isn’t just our specialty. It’s our only line of business.

We prefer it that way — and so do our clients, because as we see it, companies have a lot riding on that last mile and that last contact with the customer. And we think it deserves nothing less than 100 percent focus, dedication and commitment.

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