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Keep Your Customers Happy and Your Sales Up

February 10, 2011 Leave a comment

What do your customers want?

They want the products they order to be delivered to them by the time they hit the return button on their keyboards. This may be an impossible task with our current distribution and delivery systems, however, shorter time frames between when customers place an online order and when they receive their products is becoming an increasing expectation. Customers today are always on the go and have little time to wait for the products they order. One way to lose your customers is to disappoint them repeatedly with orders arriving late.

How to give your customers what they want?

One strategy for retailers is to provide free delivery to customers that order a minimum purchase amount. The retailer gives the customer an extended delivery date, as compared to normal delivery, and they employee the use of a last mile delivery service to get the product to the customer earlier than the quoted date. This strategy delivers a perception of high quality and adds value to the order for the customer.


Last Mile Delivery | The Future of Business

February 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Last Mile Delivery The Need Was Born

During the 1999 holiday season: stores faced shortages of popular goods, overstock of undesirable merchandise, and an inability to get the right items to the right customers on time.

This shows the importance of capacity planning to a company’s branding. A brand, which can be defined as a promise delivered, can easily be destroyed by not delivering products on time or not having the merchandise that your customers want when they want them.  Last mile delivery helps products get delivered where they need to be on time and with lower cost than traditional delivery.

Last Mile Delivery And The Future

Every major company faces a growing need to evolve operating strategies to harvest the enormous value potential sown by the Internet. Only those that don’t want to remain in business will ignore the strategic implications of last mile logistics operations. In the future e-tailers may push more toward offering same-day home delivery, in order to push themselves above their competition and gain more market share.

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