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Warehousing Solutions How they Affect Your Business

May 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Warehousing SolutionsWhen employing warehousing solutions we tend to think there is an emphasis on speed, as product flow is of great importance.  One of the key objectives is to move goods at great velocity along the chain. To do this, companies are looking beyond the four walls of the warehouse for stock holding, dispatching and receiving.

Warehouses also provide companies with opportunities to be greener. Warehouse design has been propelled to the forefront of a green movement. Green technology makes use of natural light and renewable energy. In addition, today’s warehouse is smaller and narrower, making better use of allocated space.

The warehouses of  today often offer additional customer services, such as customization and in some cases, even light manufacturing. Warehouse management is becoming a highly specialized field, and companies are increasingly looking at third party operators (3PLs) to own and manage warehousing operations.


Last Mile Delivery to Your Home

May 23, 2011 Leave a comment

ManLast Mile Home Deliveryy products ordered online need to be physically delivered to the consumers. The home delivery logistics in e-commerce, as it is so-called ‘the last mile’ of online shopping, has been one of the key factors leading to failures of pioneering dot coms, and is becoming a great challenge facing many eTailers. The convenience and time saving benefits of online shopping may not be realized due to the inefficiency or failure of the last mile delivery service.

Whether your business is focused on new product development, just in time shipping, or just providing the perfect product in your industry, then you need a partner to get your products to your customers.  Your customer has just made a significant investment in your product and is eagerly anticipating its delivery.  These customers expect to have the product delivered in a timely manner and in the condition that you promised them.   That is why the last mile delivery service that you choose must be not only affordable but also reliable.  The delivery service should be uniformed and offer quality support services ensure that your company’s last-mile experience flows smoothly and seamlessly from beginning to end.