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3PD Gets Involved In The Community

3pd Logistics3PD is proud to support the American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN), a humanitarian group created to coordinate the relief efforts of leading logistics and supply chain trade organizations (and their members) during times of crisis.

We believe strongly in ALAN’s mission to unite the supply chain community and serve as a primary point of contact for our industry when massive contributions of goods, services and logistics expertise are needed in disaster zones. And we are pleased to join the ranks of logistics providers who stand ready to help as needed.

Since its inception, ALAN has participated in numerous relief efforts. While earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, flooding and the like are obviously unwelcome, the many faces of ALAN help to bring comfort to crisis victims. Most recently, ALAN has worked with major humanitarian relief agencies to identify supply-chain-related relief needs to help victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Here are just a few of the ways in which ALAN is helping:

  •     Locating potential operations space for the American Red Cross during Hurricane Earl.
  •     Collaborating with the mid-Atlantic Regional Catastrophic Planning Grant Program to discuss the role of supply       chains in mass care.
  •     Working with the Bottled Water Association to coordinate donations of bottled water
  •     Connected DHL with Agencias Navieras B&R, S.A. who is helping them on the ground in Haiti.
  •     Helped Aidmatrix with vessel connections for Coke water and the Clinton Foundation
  •     Connected Feed the Children with a corporate jet for transporting medical supplies
  •     Reaching out to food companies, grocery chains and the GMA regarding need for rice

To learn more about this highly worthwhile cause, visit www.alanaid.org.

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