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Trucking Logistics

June 8, 2011 Leave a comment

3PD Trucking Logistics ServicesTrucking Logistics is a very important part of shipping which involves proper planning and research of trucking.  Trucks provide the transportation option through which goods are transported across states and sometimes across bordering states and nation. Almost every country depends on truck for the movement of it industrial and consumer goods.

Transportation, the process of conveying goods from one destination to another in the most effective and efficient way have become significantly necessary,  has become a big global industry with ever rising demand for movement of goods. The markets are full of hundreds of companies offering Trucking logistics services but you need to choose the one that is best for your business.  You want a trucking logistics service that offers great support and advice.  Trucking logistics services allow you to eliminate unnecessary cost and increase profitability by outsourcing.

Trucking logistics remains an important part of every nation’s economy providing mobility in the most efficient way, enabling proper and safe distribution of goods. There is today a lot of movement of goods by trucking companies from one end of the nation to the other. Trucking logistics provides supply-chain solutions and total global and domestic transportation solutions. As a result of several years of history, it now provides exceptional and massive network of transportation option to it numerous clients to meet supply-chain challenge.


From Cyberspace to My Place: Logistics of Online Shopping

January 19, 2011 Leave a comment

E-commerce is a steadily growing part of the world’s economy.  The ease of sitting at my laptop while enjoying a latte at my local coffee shop and finishing up my last bit of Christmas shopping is becoming an increasing trend among holiday shoppers.  But just like a product that you order from your telephone, products in cyberspace have to be delivered physically to your home.

E-commerce employees last mile delivery to get your online purchases to you.  Why is E-commerce a perfect candidate for last mile delivery, because of the relatively small batches of products being shipped.  Individual customers usually don’t order enough items to justify a container ship pull up in their backyard.  However, the small orders that online shoppers make are perfectly handled by last mile delivery services such as 3PD Last Mile Delivery and Logistics  Solutions.

Having a presence in approximately 500 locations throughout the United States and Canada enables 3PD to meet nearly every U.S. and Canadian delivery need you might have, all with award-winning service levels.  When it comes to delivering high-value, heavy goods, 3PD’s North American solutions come made-to-order.

Logistics with a Last-Mile Focus

December 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Is your company looking to change their logistics after the holidays or during the new year? Are you in need of an excellent logistics solution that your company may not already provide? Perhaps you have purchased something for your home but have no way to get it there. What do you do?

You are in need of a third-party logistics company that truly has it together. 3PD, a third-party logistics company, is your answer as we focus on last-mile delivery. Aside from the nearly 5 million business and job site deliveries made every year, 3PD is concerned with the customer and conducting good business in a professional manner. 3PD provides delivery to job sites, business-to-business delivery and home delivery. 3PD can handle it all – building products, appliances, furniture, cabinetry, fitness equipment, general merchandise, electronics, office supplies, automotive parts, medial supplies and MUCH more! Aside from the array of products 3PD handles, we also ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Perhaps your company needs to outsource logistics versus having an in-house logistics department. After all, it makes sense as you will have less to worry about and save you money all at the same time! Maybe your business has a logistics department but needs a higher level of strategic attention. Whatever the case may be, 3PD is committed in providing many different services including network optimization, business process re-engineering, freight management, site selection, resource engineering and facility design.

The end of the year is approaching and that usually means it is almost time to start fresh! With logistics being such a critical industry in this day and age, why not focus on it with the assistance of 3PD? Let 3PD help ring in the new year with new and improved logistics!

For more information about logistics services, please contact 3PD.

Components of a Good Logistics Company

December 10, 2010 Leave a comment

There are many factors that come into play when it comes to an excellent logistics company. Perhaps you are a business looking to hire a third-party logistics company and do not know where to begin. There are many things to look for if you plan on conducting business with another party. Be prepared to do extensive research to ensure that you are making the best decision.

-Who is the company and what do they stand for?
-What services does this third-party logistics company provide?
-Is the pricing competitive to the market?
-What is the company’s reputation? Have you read testimonials and reviews?

If you’ve done your research and have narrowed it down to a few third-party logistic companies, it is now time to break the decision down further.

What are the benefits of having a third-party logistics company?
First and foremost, it is critical to determine why having a third-party logistics company will benefit your business. Why are you looking to hire a third-party logistics company? Perhaps its simply because you are looking for a cost-saving solution or maybe your company is eliminating its logistics department. Whatever the case may be, using a third-party logistics company is an excellent solution for many businesses.

What is the company strategy?
How do they outsource? What kind of logistic services are provided and how does it set them apart from the competition? What is their supply chain management like? Is the company up-to-date on the latest technology? These are all very important questions to ask and research when deciding on a third-party logistics company for your business.

What are the company objectives?
How will this company benefit your business? Are they organized and structured? What are the goals of the company? Again, these questions are important to ask yourself when choosing the best company for your business.

What sets the company apart from its competition?
Is the pricing competitive? Remember, even if one company is less expensive than another does not mean it’s a better deal. Really weigh out what a 3PL company provides over the other. The services offered should set a company apart from its competition as well as its customer service and technology. Does the 3PL company you are researching provide business-to-business delivery, job site delivery, business-to-home delivery? Truly find out what the company is trying to achieve.

Logistics has become such an important part of our lives and it is critical to choose the best third-party logistics company for your business. Remember to research the companies you are interested in, weigh out the pros and cons and decide how your business can benefit from the 3PL company of your choosing.

Advantages of a Third-Party Logistics Company

November 18, 2010 2 comments

As logistics have become incredibly important over the last several years, what are the advantages of having a third-party logistics company versus an in-house logistics department?  By outsourcing your logistics, you are not only saving time but you are saving money as well!

By outsourcing your company’s logistics, you will:

  • Prevent delivery mishaps
  • Eliminate costly information systems and labor wages
  • Expand in new markets
  • Increase supply chain expertise
  • Provide your business and customers with quality supply chain management
  • Offer better web visibility tools for your customer

A third-party logistics company such as 3PD, can provide your business with the finest quality logistics around.  The software that 3PD has is superior to its competitors and can truly benefit your company.  3PD provides scanning, routing optimization, automated call-outs, exception alerts via web browser, e-mail, fax and phone, delivery point scanning, proof of delivery, management and analysis, electronic interface and product delivery visibility.  Outsourcing your business’ logistics will improve the performance of your business as well as moving it in the right direction.

Having a third-party logistics company can be beneficial because services can be customized and tailored to your individual needs.  Not to mention, having an in-house logistics department can be quite costly and can be difficult to maintain as technology is constantly changing.  3PD has the most cutting edge software and can actually take the time to provide you with exceptional service as this is our specialty.  Why worry about it or go anywhere else?  3PD is where your business should be.

3PD also provides business-to-business delivery, business-to-home delivery and job site delivery.  3PD also proudly offers “white glove” delivery services.  We truly focus on last-mile delivery and logistics.  See the 3PD difference.

Large-Scale Presence. Last-Mile Focus.

October 18, 2010 Leave a comment

There are many reasons why 3PD is the heavy-duty market leader in third-party logistics (3PL) and last-mile delivery.

For one thing, we make nearly 5 million residential, business and job site deliveries every year — all with the help of more than 1,500 highly qualified, uniformed delivery teams.

For another, we’re one of the only last-mile providers with an extensive North American reach. Our presence in approximately 500 locations throughout the United States and Canada enables us to meet nearly every U.S. and Canadian delivery need you might have, all with award-winning service levels.

Finally — and perhaps most important of all — last mile isn’t just our specialty. It’s our only line of business.

We prefer it that way — and so do our clients, because as we see it, companies have a lot riding on that last mile and that last contact with the customer. And we think it deserves nothing less than 100 percent focus, dedication and commitment.

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